Umrah VISA Guide, 2016: Requirements for Umrah VISA from Pakistan?

Madeeha Batool

October 5, 2016

Umrah is such an ibadah that benefits you in this world as well as in the world hereafter. It removes your state of poverty and sins same as a metal becomes pure when thrown into a furnace.  You are fortunate that Allah Almighty is calling you to His Holy House and standing in front of Roza e Rasool is what you have longed for your whole life.

Kingdom of Saudia Arabia issue Umrah visa between Safar (second month of Hijri calendar) up to end of Ramadan (9th month of Hijri calendar). First step towards the planning for your travel, for Umranh is to get as much information as possible for Umrah VISA requirements and procedure, e.g. how can you apply for Umrah VISA and which documents are required, etc.

The followings are the requirement for Umrah Visa;

Saudi govt. has announced an online VISA application for Umrah since 2015, so that the record of the travellers can be tracked, in case they are wanted or commit any misconduct in Saudi Arabia.

Necessary Documents:

  • 4 copies of photos (4x6 pixels) with the blue background
  • Women should wear a scarf for their photographs as directed by the Saudi govt.
  • Computerized National ID card (CNIC)
  • A valid passport (allowed duration: 8 months) with 2 blank pages
  • B form of kids
  • Health Certificate
how to apply umrah visa

How to Apply?

You need to choose an Umrah package from an approved travel agent for your Umrah Visa application. Once you choose an Umrah package according to your requirement which will be covering your travel, stay and other arrangement during Umrah, your travel agent will apply for your visa which can take up to 4 weeks. The agency will inform you when can you travel for Umrah and give you the tickets, conveyance and hotel details.

Choosing the best Umrah package is not easy, but you can use websites like that specializes in providing best Umrah packages, cheap Umrah packages and customized Umrah packages according to your requirements. contains hundreds of Umrah packages ranging from economy Umrah packages to 5 star Umrah packages. has hundreds of travel agents on the board covering all the major cities of Pakistan. is Pakistan’s no. 1 price comparison website for Umrah packages.

  rules umrah  

Rules for Umrah VISA:

  • You have to submit the documents 30 days before travelling.
  • Women’s passport is acceptable only, if their relationship with the Mehram is mentioned on it.
  • Umrah VISA cannot be used for any other purpose other than Umrah.
  • Those who get Umrah VISA and start working in Saudi Arabia or those who prolong their stay more than the allowed number of days are warned for the Legal proceedings.
  • Neither Umrah VISA is work VISA nor a Residence VISA
  • If your family is going along, provide complete details of all the members and children explicitly.
  • The ticket for two-way visit is required to be approved for Umrah.
  • If you plan to visit any other place in Saudi Arabia during your stay, you must inform your agency about it and get legal permission.
  • Your medical data can be checked any time by the Saudi authorities.
  • If you are a Muslim with the name that sounds like the name of a non-Muslim, you must submit a certificate duly signed and approved by the religious center or masjid in your country declaring that you are a Muslim.

A woman who is above 45 years old can perform Umrah without accompanying a mehram, however she should visit with some group. The mehram will submit NOC that her age is above 45 years and she is traveling without him.

  Medical Requirements  

Medical Requirements for Umrah VISA:

  • You have to submit a medical report for ACYW135 and Meningitis vaccine.
  • For infants and kids less than 16 years, a vaccination report for polio, meningitis and meningococcal is necessary.
  • The common flu vaccination report is also required 14 days before you apply for Umrah VISA.
  • Ill, pregnant women or kids are advised not to travel to Umrah.