Umrah Checklist: What to Take for Umrah?

September 22, 2016

Umrah is a spiritual journey and every Muslim waits for this during his whole life. Mostly, people go to Umrah travel first time out of Pakistan and don’t know what sort of things they need to carry. To help our Muslim brothers and sisters, I have prepared a simple checklist for all who are visiting Saudi Arabia first time.  This checklist is also helpful for those who have visited before, but this time, want to prepare them well. If you are going with your relatives, you may share your things with them as well. Sharing things makes your luggage short and gives you a chance to travel easily. Here’s what to take for Umrah:  
  • Cleanliness is half of faith. Keep soap, dusting powder and a shampoo with you, but remember it must be fragrance-free.
  • To clean your teeth, bring tooth paste and tooth brush.
  • To comb your hair, do not forget to take hairbrush with you.
  • Have a clutch to keep money.
  • As far as men’s dressing is concerned, 4 shirts, 2 pants, 2 shalwars and under-garments are enough for your Umrah trip. Take one additional ehram as well. For women, 4 shalwar qameez, long gown and undergarments are sufficient.
  • Take a Ja’a-e-Namaz or prayer sheet with you, but if you cannot buy, you can also buy there in few Riyals.


  • Buy Umrah Guide from your local bookshop. However, make sure it is written in an easy language that you understand.
  • For shoes, bring slippers and chappal that you use in everyday routine. It should be easy-feel.
  • Make sure, you have a cell phone with alarm clock and a proper arrangement of charging your phone.


  • As a precautionary measure in your first travel Umrah, it is better to take all the important and common medicines with you for cold, sore throat, headache, pain, etc. such as Panadol, Disprin, pain killer, Ponston, sunny plast for wounds and other anti-biotic.

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  • While you are there and going out, don’t forget to carry a water bottle or juice with you. Saudi Arabia is a desert and days could be very hot even in Winter.
  • Eat healthy food on time and keep your diet healthy by including a variety of fruit and vegetables in your meals.
  • If there is winter, bring sweater, blanket and shawl, too.
  • Wherever you go, taking daily need items in your handbag is Sunnah, such as mirror, needle, thread, scissors, hair oil, nail cutter, tasbeeh, odorless cream, etc.
  • Towel is also an essential thing to take with. In summer season, keep sun-glasses as well.
  Umrah Packages 2016  
  • Take daily use utensils like plate, dish, bowl, spoon, etc. and iron to press your clothes.
  • Last, but not least is to keep an additional set of glasses, if you wear it and your eyesight is weak.
  • For the hand luggage, select a bag with maximum 5 kg space of dimensions H 56 cm x W 45 cm x D 25 cm. Note that every visitor has black suitcases, so try to take one that is not black or have a fluorescent tape/tag/ribbon attached so that it is easy to recognize.
  • These are just suggested items, but not all necessary for you to take with on Umrah. Individually pick and choose what you feel is best suited. Don’t forget to pack bags of piety, patience and your best manners/behavior. You are going to be guest of Allah at His House.