Ministry of Hajj- Latest Umrah Rules and Regulations

Madeeha Batool

October 21, 2016

If it is your first travel Umrah, note the important points of Umrah rules and regulations given below:

  • You are advised to visit the Unified Agents Office for formal checking and pay the service fee and transport fee, if any.
  • Deliver your passport and air ticket to the concerned office authorities, i.e. the National Tawafa Establishment or Field Service Group in order to hand it over to the Group Dispatching Control Center while travelling to Makkah and Madinah. If you do not deliver, it will be problematic for you to complete your journey smoothly.
  • First travel Umrah performers do not worry. Instructions are given on every step to them about the accommodation, transport and setting the luggage, so be attentive and follow them properly.
  • According to Umrah rules and regulations, you cannot stay at Masjid e Nabwi, Saudi streets or foot path, etc.
  • Avoid from throwing garbage, wrappers or junk at the holy points and use dust bins.
  • As per new Umrah VISA rules, the National Twafa Establishment (NTE) gives each traveler his ID card containing the personal information. Keep it with you all the time in Makkah and Madinah.
  • Umrah rules and regulations state that you cannot run a business during your travel with the intention of performing Umrah. The stay is for limited days only what is included in your Umrah package.
  • Whether you are first travel Umrah performer or you have performed it earlier, it is necessary to keep your documents, money, other belongings and 12 photos with yourself that you can be asked for checking by the NTE. The Ministry has this right so that it can go through the proper investigation in case of theft or misconduct.
  • Keep all the important contact numbers saved with your mobile. In case, something is lost, you may contact the concerned authority.
  • Similarly, if you have a complaint, you may contact the Deput Ministry Makkah or Madinah, Complaints Committee, Saudi Arabia. The main contact number can be found on your personal card.
  • One of the important new Umrah VISA rules is that you only have to use the same hotel and conveyance that is included in your Umrah package.
  • First travel Umrah performers should not be hasty. Be patient at the time of Nafra from Arafat. Stay in your camp and wait for the conveyance to take you to Muzalifah.
  • While moving to the Jamarat, do not keep anything with you. Moving chairs are also not allowed at this stage. Shariah gives a special concession to the old, feeble and paralyzed persons.
Health Instructions for Umrah Travelers:
  • First travel Umrah might not know Umrah rules and regulations related to health, i.e. if you belong to an epidemic country, you have to submit a vaccination certificate. If you do not abide by this rule, you will be provided with the vaccine and supervised by the health department strictly for 6 days.
  • You are also required to submit the meningitis vaccination certificate. It is issued in 10 days approximately before you reach Saudi Arabia.
  • Just bring the necessary eatables with you and respect the holy place and act, you are performing there.
  • During your stay, if you get suffered from a disease (God forbid), visit the authorized service group or health department with your personal ID card and report to them.
  • According to new Umrah VISA rules, you cannot get your VISA from any agent. Only the approved agents are allowed to give you Umrah package. This is because some cases were against Umrah laws and people were misusing their stay, conveyance, etc. Only 30 days stay is allowed.