Man Walks from Paris to Makkah to Perform Umrah

Madeeha Batool

October 3, 2016

Manama: A European man named Ishaq intended to perform Umrah by walk. He departed from Kuwait and reached Saudi Arabia. About 5 months ago, he began to travel to Makkah from France. Till now, he has walked around 9 thousand km.

He told that he estimated to reach Makkah within fifty days. The main problem, he faced during his journey was to cross the high mounts.

He also came across the snow storm. He hid himself in a small camp. Due to cold weather, his hands and feet were like senseless. Ishaq expected to spend 5 thousand Euros for this tour, i.e. 5 Euros per day. He did not take money from anyone during this travel.

Earlier, in August, a Chinese swallowed 8500 km on his bicycle from Xinjiang and reached Makkah.

2 years back, A Muslims Group from Malaysia travelled to Madinah on bicycles. 12 men departed on 8 bikes and a small van. During their trip, they stayed at twelve countries (almost fifty-three cities). They faced problem while crossing the borders.