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  1. What is mehman.pk?

Mehman.pk acts as a central place between the Hajj and Umrah travel agencies and the persons who are interested to get these services. Neither it is a travel agency nor does it offer any service itself.

  1. Why to choose mehman.pk when I can contact agency myself?

Mehman.pk shows you a list of all the famous and top class travel agencies in Pakistan out of which you can select the best one. It gives you a chance to compare the packages by different agencies and be aware of the special offers and discounts, if any.

  1. Is there any fee charged by mehman.pk for the useful information, it provides about the Hajj, Umrah packages?

Absolutely not. You will contact the chosen agency directly and pay them yourself. There is no fee for our services.

  1. Is it possible to reserve my custom package for Hajj, Umrah?

Yes, you can quote us your custom package details according to your required Hajj, Umrah specifics. Our representative will go through the said details and inform you about the best suited package.

  1. What is included in a package details?

All the necessary information related to the package, stay, pricing, facilities and policy is included in a package detail. You can also check the reviews of other users and the rating will enable you to see the credibility of that travel agency.

  1. Where to stay during the Hajj, Umrah travel?

The name of hotel, number of days to stay and its pricing is mentioned in the package details. Mehman.pk does not arrange any hotel for the stay of travellers.

  1. Does the package contain the air ticket as well?

May or may not be. It varies from package to package. You can check the details in the relevant section.

  1. What is about the airline, transportation policy, child policy and ticket cancellation?

The airline information, the transportation policy, the infant policy and the ticket cancellation procedure is mentioned in the packages details.

  1. What is the procedure to be listed on mehman.pk with the Hajj, Umrah packages as a travel agent?

For this, you may contact us through the contact form at https://www.mehman.pk/contact-us/ or dial us on mobile or send us an email to request.

  1. Does mehman.pk give any guarantee for any specific agency package?

Neither mehman.pk take the responsibility for any endorsement nor does it give any guarantee for any specific agency package, however, our team thoroughly checks the agency details and then lists its package on the website.

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