Amazing Tips on Finding the Best Umrah VISA Package for You?

September 7, 2016

Umrah First time  

If you are going Umrah First time, you will surely be very much concerned about finding the best Umrah VISA package. It is indeed panic to choose one out of so many options when all are looking good apparently. The fact is that a thorough research can save your time and money. It is definitely not feasible to perform Umrah without package. We have especially worked for you and after a deep analysis on it, we are in a position to share the following amazing tips on finding the best Umrah VISA package for you:

  Umrah laws  

1. Go Through the Umrah Related Laws:


Obviously, you have to learn about a special act when you plan to perform it. Regarding Umrah, you and your family members going along must be completely aware of all the procedure. If you want to enjoy this experience in real, you should first go through the Umrah related laws, rituals and prayers.

This becomes easy, when the travel agency provides you a complete guide regarding short Umrah packages or long. An ideal agency is the one that distributes brochures, content and necessary informative papers containing Umrah related material to its clients. If a company ignores providing Umrah information to you and only considers the stuff related to pricing, it means, that merely aims to earn from you on the name of Umrah deal and is not serious about your one to all needs of Umrah.


2. Check the Affiliation of Agency:

  When you are going Umrah first time and opting out an ideal Umrah VISA Package, it is foremost integral to check, whether the agency is affiliated with the Ministry of Hajj, Saudi Arabia or not. You need to be alert, because not all travel agencies are running with an authorized status. Saudi Arabia has recently banned many companies for having no genuine affiliation on the name of short Umrah packages. Performing Umrah is a spiritual act and those who are inviting you to perform it should be dealing fairly without any kind of dishonesty, fraud or such like some other activity harming the integrity of this sacred act.    

3. Check the Previous History of Agency:


You can ask the travel agency to show you the previous history, if it has served other clients in the past. Many agencies claim that they have been serving in this field for the last 10 years, but when they are asked for the record, they make lame excuses or show you fake testimonials. So, you have to be extra careful while checking their previous record. You must get your satisfaction that the company was never involved in any fraud or misconduct. Check all the services offered by them whether you need all or not. This is because it shows the goodwill and credibility of the company.

    Distance from Hotel    

4. Check the Distance from Hotel:


When you are going Umrah first time, it is equally important to note that the distance of hotel, the company is providing to stay is minimal. Some hotels are so near that you can go to the Haram Sharif on walk. It is the best option, if available. Otherwise, you will need conveyance to travel from your hotel to Haram daily. It will be hectic and expensive for you. Obviously, no one selects a company to perform Umrah without package. So, in case of longer distance, the deal should contain conveyance as well.


5. Expertise of the Company:


A company is trustworthy, if it has a great expertise in its field. A good name not just has a sound reputation, but also a deep foresight of the upcoming deals. It is, all the time, aware of the updates and keeps comparing the Umrah VISA packages frequently, then it adds the discounts accordingly. It takes full responsibility and guarantees about the fair deal. Mainly, what matters is the passion to satisfy the customers with the quality of service.


6.Need Based Package:


A good travel agent always keeps in view the basic requirements of his client. Whether you need to find a cheap Umrah package with the longer stay or short Umrah packages otherwise, comfortable travelling and luxurious accommodation or simple and budgeted solution, the agency understands your desires and places various satisfying offers.

There is no use of an offer that does not match with the main priorities of people. A complete Umrah VISA package includes all the necessary details required by a common man going for Umrah, not for upper class or highly educated person, because even a rich person does not prefer performing Umrah without package.


7. Customers’ Reviews:


It is recommended to read the customers reviews about the agency dealing, especially when you are going Umrah first time. Do not go for Umrah without package. People who have experienced their service before can guide you more effectively. But it does not mean that you start comparing your cheap Umrah package with that of customer’s, he availed in the past. His package might be different from your selected one, so check wisely and notice the facilities, you are interested in.

You will have a better idea about the choice of cheap Umrah package, after when you have analyzed the necessary points. May be, some factors are more important for you, but not for the reviewer when he availed a cheap Umrah package. So, do not follow blindly. Only get guidance and go with your own choice. This testimony will definitely enable you to reach a conclusion about the quality of service related to short Umrah packages provided by the agency.

  Need Based Package    

8. Social Media Reviews:


The world has formed a global village. The internet and social media have a greater role in it. People like the page of several travel agencies and keep checking what’s new today. There may be some particular discount for a limited time mentioned on social media page of the company in multiple posts instead of the main website. So, always remain active on social media and keep visiting posts of different travel agencies.

You might have noticed that in Ramadan, many companies propose special cheap Umrah package or a number of short Umrah packages that are indeed more economical as compared to other months. Not only on Facebook, you can also see the tweets by typing hash tags. Similarly, on google plus, there are specific deals that may not be described on other platforms. So, need is to remain in touch with all platforms actively.

After going through the above mentioned amazing tips, you are hopefully better able to select the best package and contact the agent for further details. You will forget that you are going Umrah first time.