54 Pakistani Pilgrims Died During Hajj

Madeeha Batool

September 30, 2016

hujj death   Almost fifty-four Pakistani Hujjaj (Pilgrims) passed away while they were performing Hajj 2016 in Saudi Arabia. There were twenty Muslim women and thirty-four Muslim men who met their death during pilgrimage. The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony conveyed that five hundred fifty-four Hajj guiders settled more than one lac (almost 131,228) complaints of Pilgrims throughout the Hajj event in 2016. He added that according to an estimate, the number of seasonal staff members was 250, medical delegates 450, Hajj guiders (Muavinin) 433 and local facilitators around 950. In addition, the Pakistan Hajj Mission provided the old aged and health-wise, weak Hujjaj with the four hundred wheelchairs in order to ease them in this holy activity. In the meantime, the report shows that the Post-Hajj process of PIA, private and overseas airlines is going on and almost 965 Hujjaj reached BKIA (Bacha Khan International Airport) on Sat, 17th Sep, 2016. As per the statement of Alamgir Khan, an official of the CAA (Civil Aviation Authorities), Hujjaj reached Pakistan by 3 flights of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), Shaheen Air (ShA) and Saudi Airlines (SA).